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Register The Y has a long, proud history in camping activities and YMCA Camp Eberhart has been committed to nurturing youth development for more than 100 years. Not only do we provide a lifetime's worth of skills and experiences, but YMCA Camp Eberhart also strengthens the foundations of our communities through summer camp, specialty camps year-round, retreats, and other camping programs and activities for people of all ages, incomes and abilities.

At YMCA Camp Eberhart, we are a haven for learning and achievement for all children with the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility at the heart of everything we do.


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With a long, rich history of quality camp programming and superior child development, YMCA Camp Eberhart is proud to be celebrating more than 100 years of traditional summer camping.

userimgOne of our staff members shared this. We couldn't agree more. Great job Reilly O'Connell!
The Camp Counselor vs. the Intern
Why is a 20-year-old who fetches coffee at Google more impressive to employers than one who spends days and nights nurturing, teaching, comforting and inspiring?
userimgAre you ready for summer? Lincoln sure is!

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userimgThe summer camp season is almost here! Our Camp Director, Lincoln McLain shared his his thoughts on what he’s excited about for this year. http://www.ymcacampeberhart.org/about-us/may-newsletter#words
userimgWe believe in building strong family units – no matter what that looks like – for our Camp Eberhart families. There is no better way to do that than through spending time together. Here are some great opportunities and places to visit this summer http://ymcacampeberhart.org/about-us/may-newsletter#Parks
userimgHaven’t had time to enroll your kids in camp yet for the summer? Don’t worry! We still have a few spots open during certain weeks. Register online or give us a call at (269) 244-5125 to see what’s available. http://www.campeberhart.org/summer-camp30/sign-up35
userimgKeeping kids active while school is out isn’t just about making sure they have supervision throughout the summer. It’s critical to physical and mental well-being. In fact, kids who aren’t active in the summer can lose math and reading skills they learned during the academic year. Enrolling your kids in camp is a great way to combat summer learning loss, but here are some more ways to keep the kids engaged and learning when school is out. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-gail-gross/fun-ways-to-help-prevent-summer-learning-loss_b_5435718.html
12 Fun Ways to Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss
Two words can help you prevent learning loss this summer: enrichment and involvement. Academic delay that occurs over the summer is one of the greatest p...
userimgWe’re getting closer and closer to summer! What are you looking forward to the most at camp - for your kids or you - this year? What other fun summer plans do you have?
userimgWe are constantly striving to improve camp year-over-year to ensure that your kids have an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. This year, thanks to the dedication of our alumni association, we are making some very exciting improvements to our equipment and programs. For example, we’ve purchased new sail boats; we are building a breathtaking bouldering wall; and we are adding music, disc golf, snorkeling and more to our program offerings. Read more about what we are up to: http://www.ymcacampeberhart.org/about-us/may-newsletter#whatsnew
userimgHave you heard about Project 132? It’s a great campaign to make sure that family economics are never a reason why a kid can’t go to camp. By sponsoring a week of camp for a lucky kid, you ensure that the benefits and lessons learned here reach far beyond your own household. Get involved now: http://www.ymcacampeberhart.org/give14
userimgMichael Thompson, the author of “Homesick and Happy,” has written, “… there are things that, as a parent, you cannot do for your children, as much as you might wish to. You cannot make them happy (if you try too hard they become whiners); you cannot give them self-esteem and confidence (those come from their own accomplishments); you cannot pick friends for them and micro-manage their social lives, and finally you cannot give them independence. The only way children can grow into independence is to have their parents open the door and let them walk out. That’s what makes camp such a life-changing experience for children.”
I send my kids to sleep-away camp to give them a competitive advantage in life
With under-employment and a stagnating labor market looming in their future, an all-around, sleep-away summer camp is one of the most competitive advantages we can give our children.
userimgHappy Mother’s Day! We’d be nowhere without all the great moms out there who are dedicated to making sure their kids get quality outdoor experiences. We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of hugs, praise, and rest! Tell us… what are you doing today?
userimgCamp alumni we want to hear from you! We love hearing about your accomplishments whether it’s graduating from college, getting a new promotion, having a baby, moving to a new state or anything else you are proud of. We’ll share the updates every month. Share your stories and pictures with us at alumniupdate@ymcacampeberhart.org.
userimgAre you still looking to make plans for Memorial Day Weekend? We’ve got an awesome family camp scheduled here. Stay in a cabin or lodge and we’ll take care of the rest. We provide all meals and activities such as fishing, arts & crafts, canoeing and more. http://www.campeberhart.org/specialty-camp
userimgCheck out our sharp new benches in the front of camp! Camp Eberhart Alumni Association has made some significant donations this year, and now when you check your child into camp you can take a quick breather around the flowers in one of these amazing new benches. We are also rolling out similar benches for the chapel.
userimgThose of us at Camp Eberhart were very saddened to hear of the loss of Camp's "First Lady" Helena Hand Bak. Hand's House is named in her and her former husband's honor. http://www.mishlerfuneralhomes.com/home/index.cfm/obituaries/view/fh_id/10323/id/3679783
Obituary for Helena Hand Bak at Mishler Funeral Home
Helena Hand Bak, 91, of Bremen passed away on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at home. She was born on April 29, 1924 to Clifton G. and Esther King Crouse in Queen Anne, Maryland. Helena graduated from Ridgely High School in Maryland and went on to pursue her Masters in Education,...
userimgLove Camp Eberhart? Purchase a Generation E t-shirt! Each shirt is $14 + shipping. Contact Judy: jgraber@michianaymca.org or call 269.244.5125.
userimgDid you know? Camp Eberhart is situated on 200 wooded acres with over a mile of shoreline on Corey Lake. The water is about ready to be prepped and ready for canoeing and water skiing for your kids this summer – get excited!
userimgHappy Saturday! Why not get the kids together for this fun craft & game: http://bit.ly/1X0btLO
userimgSummer will be here before you know it! If you want to make sure your kids get outside and make lasting memories, then bring them to Camp Eberhart! Details: http://bit.ly/1F9qenK
userimgThe docks have just been put in for the season! Coop's tower is on it's way up soon. Also we attached some quilted mason jars to hold LED candles on the walk out to John Rich Campfire. This summer the walk to our campfire will be lit by a warm glow. See you soon!
YMCA Camp Eberhart is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Click to read more about our financial assistance.