The Cheley family has given us permission to again publish The Three Rivers Kids. The complete novel is now available online. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to experience camp from Frank Cheley's unique perspective.

Reprinted with permission from the Cheley Family. The Three Rivers Kids was published by Jennings & Graham; Eaton and Mains and is 255 pages with pictures.

About Frank H. Cheley:

Frank Cheley Frank H. Cheley, Camp Eberhart's first official director, wrote The Three Rivers Kids in 1914, dedicating it to Harris Eberhart. His first season was in 1910 and he was director until he left the YMCA in 1915. During the off-season Cheley worked at the YMCA as Boy's Work Director.

Cheley's first year as director saw the attendance of 64 boys with a program of rowing, fishing, swimming, hiking, nature study and an optional tutoring program for grades 5 through 9. As director, Cheley lived in White Pigeon - one of the few buildings at camp then.

Nicknamed "the Chief", Cheley wrote and edited over thirty books during his career in camping and wrote articles for boy's magazines.

In 1921, Cheley established a camp in the Rocky Mountain National Park called Bear Lake Trail School and six years later he relocated the camp to the present site of the Cheley Colorado Camps.

He died in 1941 at the age of 52.


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