by Tom Vance


CHAPTER ONE: A Dream Comes True

CHAPTER TWO: Camp Takes Shape

CHAPTER THREE: The Camp Routine

CHAPTER FOUR: Frank Cheley as "The Chief"



Privately printed as a 32-page booklet (Indianapolis, 1984) for Camp Eberhart's 75thAnniversary.
Revised for web site posting for Camp Eberhart's 90th Anniversary (Kalamazoo, 1999).


About the author: Tom Vance, a South Bend native and former Eberhart camper and counselor(and current member of the Eberhart Regional Board), researched and wrote this booklet while servingas a captain in the Army with the 1st Armored Division in Ansbach, Germany (conducting research throughthe mail before e-mail or the internet). A 1978 graduate of Western Michigan University, he works inpublic relations, living in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife and daughter, continuing his militaryservice as a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve.
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